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Welcome to Stormer Music:

An incredible place to learn music.

We exist to provide great music lessons with wonderful teachers for students of all ages, stages, abilities and walks of life in just about every instrument you can think of.

Music Lessons for everyone.

With families, children and adults all welcome, our weekly lessons are completely personalised and taught within our students goals, values and experience. If that is to simply learn to play, that is beautiful and we are here to help, or if those goals are to join a band, do exams, play to a high level, perform live, do a recording and more we can do that too.

Options to suit everyone.

We are open six days a week with flexible times, a variety of options to suit busy schedules and will make this whole process really easy. Our heart is to see our communities become more musical places and truly believe music is for everyone, we would love to work with you.

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Choosing the right instrument for your child is a big decision and can be a real challenge especially for parents without a musical background. We teach over 20 instruments here and have these conversations with families very often and would recommend you consider the...

Does my child have the attention span for music lessons?

This is a common question we get from parents of young children leading into starting lessons. It’s also framed as an objection by parents about why their child isn’t ready or quits lessons. So what’s the deal? Like with all things music, it’s an art, but there is...

Choosing an instrument to learn – instrument families

Choosing your instrument is an important decision and will have far reaching consequences as you progress through your music learning journey so it’s important to get right. Today we’re discussing instrument families which are a way of categorizing similar styles of...

When to change guitar strings

Good string care and maintenance is an important part of any guitar playing career. Proper string treatment will ensure the highest performance standard and longevity of string life, while misuse will result in poor output and performance, and potential damage to your...

LIOR Interview

We had the pleasure to meet one of our all-time favourite singers and songwriters – the one and only – LIOR. We met backstage at the Capitol Theatre in Sydney, and we’re going to talk about his music, his life and his career.Hope you enjoy! What inspired you to start...

Yamaha Music and Stormer Music!

YAMAHA MUSIC AND STORMER MUSIC ANNOUNCE BRAND PARTNERSHIP FOUNDED ON A PASSION FOR MUSIC EDUCATION Yamaha Music and Stormer Music are pleased to announce a brand partnership based on a passion for music education done well. The partnership will see aspiring musicians...

Avoiding Vocal Injuries

In music, the voice is considered an instrument like a guitar, piano or otherwise. So in the same way that we care for our precious musical instruments, vocalists need to care for their voices. Here are some tips to avoid injury/damage to your voice. Work with a...

Guitar Care Basics

Taking care of your instrument is an important part of any musicians journey. Here are some quick tips for beginner guitarists to get started in guitar care, and ensuring they have a beautiful instrument ready to play always. Keep your guitar in its case when not in...

How to overcome stage fright

Stage fright is a super common experience for musicians at all stages. From beginners getting up for their first performance through to the most seasoned professionals feeling the pressure of a high stakes performance. Racing heart beats, sick stomachs, sweaty palm...

Is It Too Late To Learn An Instrument As An Adult?

We believe music is for everyone, whatever your age, stage, ability or capacity there is a way for you to play with and create music if it is on your heart to do so. It is no doubt a different experience learning as an adult but no less rewarding or important. We have...







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