We exist to inspire, empower, showcase and celebrate the next generation of musicians of all stripes. We're a music school and community that loves what we do and we do it well. We come together each week and we teach, we learn, we play, we jam, we write, we create and we share the incredible journey of learning music.



The Stormer Music story began when brothers Phil and Joel Stormer started teaching friends from the family home around 10 years ago. The fledging business grew quickly and from here they rented a small premises in Blaxland took on some musician friends to help teach alongside them and "Stormer Music" was born.

Three years in and after many phone calls from down the hill Stormer Music opened its second studio in Penrith. Building on the experience and momentum of Blaxland the school began teaching just about every instrument you can think of to students of all ages, stages and walks of life by hiring in the incredible, professional musicians that we call our tutors. Our students began being given opportunities to perform at school and community events, record, work together and began to flourish. The shape of our school began to form as we explored what it really means to be a great place to learn music.

In 2017 the brothers launched a second business; Brightside Music a boutique agency for booking professional musicians for events and functions to help the cause of building live music in our cities. 2018 will be the opening of our third branch in Parramatta as we step into a brand new city and bring the spirit of community, great education, beautiful music and incredible people to our new place.

We love music and see ourselves as custodians of one of life's great mysteries, pleasures and powerful experiences - music. What a privilege. Come share it with us.


All students entering our program are asked one simple question: how can we help you? That's what we are here for and our entire program is run with that in mind, their goals become our goals. We offer three levels of experience: "learn it", "love it" and "live it" to suit all kinds of students and through these programs we teach the following:


We teach rock, pop, blues, fingerstyle, jazz, punk, acoustic, bass, metal, classical and much more. Our guitar lessons are for beginners wanting to learn a few chords through to high level technical players.


Our drum program features a host of professional drummers ready to assist our students in any style or music they would like to do. Each studio is decked out with two kit’s and all the gear needed to work on rock, jazz, pop, metal and punk with an emphasis on solid and sustainable technique, essential musicianship, reading, listening and of course playing in time.


A great instrument for all ages, and a favourite starting place for beginners. Our lessons will help you develop a strong technique around a whole host of styles – classical, jazz, pop, RNB, singer-songwriter, video game music, sound-tracks, musicals and we can tailor our lessons toward exams such as the HSC or AMEB grades, or just for fun and enjoyment.


We approach the voice like the instrument it is with a focus on great technique, style, stagecraft and fantastic songs. We build our lessons around our student’s preferences and voice, using music that they love along with recommendations from our expert tutors. We can teach towards singing musical theatre, pop/rock, jazz or classical and in all sorts of voices.


The violin is a stunning instrument with a great history and wide repertoire. Our tutors can teach classical, jazz, bluegrass, celtic and folk and go right from the basics for those who need it or can offer new direction or style for someone who’s played a while and wants to skill up. We also teach viola, cello and double bass.


Ukulele has seen a big jump in popularity in recent years with ukulele clubs starting around the place and schools adopting this wonderful instrument. We teach all styles of ukulele from the very basics in chord shapes and strumming, through to more sophisticated picking patterns, progressions and repertoire. The ukulele is a wonderful entry point for any-one looking to get into music!


We teach saxophone, clarinet and flute and our lessons feature solo through to ensemble playing in all sizes and styles. Our teachers are passionate about reeds and the warmth and beauty of these incredible instruments.


We teach trumpet, trombone, euphonium and tuba. Our horn tutors are experienced in ensemble and solo playing in all styles and teach both for fun and towards exams and study.


From HSC prep, to musicianship exams, songwriting and composition through to analysis and harmony we're ready to deep dive into not only playing but understanding the music we love.

Our range is growing by the day, if you would like to learn an instrument we have not listed above please get in touch.



There is nothing quite like live music. We see performance as fundamental to the progress of any musician (even if they aren't working to be a performer). We run four concerts a year with each being a unique experience we call these "Inspire", "Empower", "Showcase" and "Celebrate".

Groups Program

Music is better together. In the spirit of this we run a band/group program that encourages musicians to get together with other like-minded musicians and try to create something beautiful. These bands start with an audition, then we find complimentary musicians to work them and setup a weekly rehearsal time with one of our tutors.


Recording is about capturing all those fleeting moments, for musicians it’s an audio snapshot of a time and place when a song rings true and is expressed just the right way. We provide all of this for our students who are given regular opportunities to go through that experience and come out the other side with something they can be incredibly proud of.


Stormer Music is amazing! My kids love their lessons, their tutors are fantastic, no complaints.


I’m extremely happy with my son’s lessons. He hasn’t stopped playing since he started, he’s practicing after school and in the morning, I can’t get him off.


Your end of year concert was the best student concert we have ever been to, and trust me, we have been to heaps!


Thank you for the wonderful 12 months our son has had so far in guitar lessons with you. Your talent, enthusiasm and care have kept him interest and motivated. We have been delighted with his progress.



Stormer Music is a community and a team, we work together because we're better that way. Our tutors are an integral part of that group. This crew of hard working professional musicians and educators (not every muso can teach!) have a passion for passing on the knowledge and experience of music to the next generation. Each of our teachers are unique and bring with them a host of experiences, qualifications and backgrounds.




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