Music Lessons

One size does not fit all and so we have many sizes to choose from.

We teach students of all ages, stages, abilities and walks of life to play just about every instrument you can think of.

Our lessons are completely personalised; tailored to our students goals and experience and in close consultation with parents and families to ensure that we are hitting the mark each and every week.

We work with a wide variety of musicians, educators and therapists to provide the highest quality and tailored experience for all of our students.

Our tutors are passionate people, experienced and advanced musicians and have a deep care for seeing their students succeed and flourish.

We offer lessons in the following instruments:

Guitar Lessons

Piano Lessons

Singing Lessons

Drum Lessons

Bass Lessons

Violin Lessons

Banjo Lessons

Clarinet Lessons

Flute Lessons

Trumpet Lessons

Ukulele Lessons

Saxophone Lessons

Keen to learn a different instrument than what you see here? Just ask!

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