Music Careers / Franchise

We built this business to be much more than what we can do alone.

Teaching with us or buying a franchise from us is a wonderful step into our incredible industry. What awaits you is a whole world of music and education, resources, systems, hard earned lessons, considerable thinking about music, running a business and musical instrument tuition.

Should you take this step with us you will be fully supported and encouraged by a team that wants you to succeed; you’ll join our vision to see musicians inspired, empowered, showcased and celebrated; you’ll get access to our contacts, VIP’s,  resources, IP and everything you need. Most importantly you’ll be joining a movement to see music participation and engagement rise in our communities and to see families flourish as a result.

If you would like to teach with us or open a new location we would love to hear from you (fill out the form below). A beautiful and noble path awaits you and we look forward to walking that together.


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