We believe music is better together. Whether it’s teacher and student, band and bandmate, performer and audience, artist and songwriter or whatever the setting, music is a beautiful communication, a common ground, a shared experience and something that brings us together.

To that end we have created our band program “Collaborate” a weekly session covering all things music in groups.

Our band teachers are cut from a different cloth, active musicians, band members, collaborators, inspirers and educators that help bring musicians together and work things through.

About Collaborate

In-Studio Classes

$ 75
Per Week
  • Weekly one hour group class with a bunch of your peers working towards either
            band/ensemble work or artist development. (See Band Program)
  • Additional performance spots, events and invites.
  • Half hour one-on-one class in an instrument of your choice.
  • Space held for you at the studio of your choice for as long as you are here.
  • Tickets to all SM concerts (4 per year) and invitation to play when ready.
  • Our never miss a lesson guarantee for 48 weeks a year.
  • Access to Stormer Certified, our industry recognised awards program.
  • Membership to SM community; online resources and support.
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